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The Maths Zone series consists of 8 textbooks spanning from Junior Infants to Fifth Class level and was written to help the child facing greater challenges with maths. It focuses on core competencies necessary to cope with maths in everyday situations.

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Author(s) : Florence Gavin
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Written by Florence Gavin, the Maths Zone series consists of 8 textbooks spanning from Junior Infants (Book 1) to Fifth Class level (Book 8). The books should be worked through in sequence beginning at the appropriate level for the child. A pupil may complete more than one book a year. The aim of this series is to give the pupils the language and hands-on experience through which they can interpret, analyse, describe, make predictions, estimate and solve the common mathematical problems of daily living.

The emphasis is on clear structured steps and consolidation of learning.

The book numbers do not correspond to class level. They were written for the pupil learning maths with the help of the Learning Support Teacher.

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