ISBN: 9781925611588

Maths in Sport


Applying mathematics to situations involving a variety of sports


ISBN: 9781925611588
Author(s) : Susan Levy
SKU: 9781925611588
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Applying mathematics to situations involving a variety of sports

The activities in this book are based on a variety of sports, each involving a mathematical skill. Some are designed to test curriculum material, some are extensions or applications and others are just for fun.

Many activities are open-ended and have the potential to be applied to situations in the school or community. It is recognised that teachers of mathematics in schools ¬fit many descriptions – some are maths teachers, some are teachers who have mathematics classes thrust upon them and some can even be physical education teachers for example, who teach mathematics. With this in mind, there is something for everyone in this book.

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A4 Teacher Resource Book, 56 pages


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