Get Connected with Number


Get Connected with Number is loaded with activities that help children learn about number recognition and counting to 10 in fun and engaging ways.



ISBN: 9781877536571
SKU: 9781877536571

Counting activities for beginners

Get Connected with Number is a resource designed to start children on a numeracy learning journey that will inspire them to continue. Designed for four- to five-year olds, it provides tangible
assistance in developing a relevant and effective maths programme for this critical age group. The variety of activities develop skills in number recognition and counting in fun and engaging
ways. On each page there is:

• A join-the-dots activity that guides children towards learning to count numbers
• A number activity at the bottom of each page that assists with writing and recognising numbers.

At the back of this book is a range of photocopiable templates that you can set up to cater to a specific learning focus.


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