Managing Multilevel Classrooms

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Author(s) : Judith Drysdale,


Multilevel teachers face a daunting task in catering effectively for the needs of their students. They not only have to accommodate ages ranging from five to 13 in the same classroom but also to meet the social, behavioural, and academic demands of this learning environment. The author combines tips, strategies, and templates alongside “real-life” examples from his classroom and from interviews with other successful practitioners to provide a practical compendium of advice on the many planning, assessment, classroom management, and other issues that busy multilevel practitioners confront daily.

The two books in this series:

  • Focus on establishing and maintaining a quality multilevel learning environment
  • Contain ideas, templates, and plans ready for instant implementation in any multilevel classroom
  • Suggest ways of building classroom culture, managing behaviour, physical classroom layout and programmes, and developing individual abilities
  • Offer ideas for programmes that really work
  • Save busy practitioners time and energy.

Book 1: Planning and assessment

  • Unit One: Creatures from the Deep
  • Unit Two: Heroes
  • Unit Three: Our New Nation
  • Unit Four: Transport

Book 2: Class culture and organisation

  • Section One: Managing the Multilevel Class
  • Section Two: Managing the Multilevel Literacy Programme
  • Section Three: “What We Do”: Tips from Multilevel Teachers

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