ISBN: 9781911186120

Managing Challenging Behaviour in the Classroom


ISBN: 9781911186120
Author(s) : Gary Lavan,
SKU: 9781911186120


For teachers and SENCOs in all settings, this invaluable resource will guide you through a simple, systematic process of understanding why challenging behaviour is happening and give you some very practical, easily implemented strategies that all staff can use to help make things easier for the young people in your group.

Key features include:

  • a wide selection of different strategies for coping with challenging behaviour so that you can meet the needs of each individual pupil;
  • a flexible framework with templates and tools to help you proactively plan approaches to challenging behaviour so that you and your colleagues can respond consistently and effectively;
  • written by an experienced Educational Psychologist and based on proven strategies developed through years of practice in Special Schools as well as Primary and Secondary mainstream schools.

Unlike other books addressing challenging behaviour, this resource offers a psychologically-based framework that can easily be implemented by mainstream teachers and SENCOs. It works!

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