MaLT: Stage 2 (Mid-Upr Primary)

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The M.a.L.T. Stage 2 Starter Kit offers a ground-breaking approach to standarised mathematics assessment for ages 8-11.

Available in both pencil-and-paper and interactive computer-adaptive formats, these standarised group tests yield formative information which will directly support individual and whole-class teaching, as well as reliable summative assessments for screening, monitoring and progress tracking.

MaLT Stage 2 assesses all areas of mathematics from age 8 to 11, providing:

  • Standarised scores and percentiles
  • Maths ages (MaLT 8-11+)
  • Year-on-year progress assessment
  • Attainment target performance profiles
  • Individualised formative and diagnostic feedback to pupils
  • Whole-class profiles identifying weaknesses, common misconceptions and errors.

Purpose written to highlight errors and misunderstandings which are indicative of key learning needs, MaLT can be used at any time during the school year. For every child, a personalised disgnostic report – generated for the paper-and-pencil tests via the optional Scorer/Profiler CD-ROM – is available.

MaLT Stage 2 – Age Suitability:

  • MaLT 8: Covers ages 7.0 to 9.5 years
  • MaLT 9: Covers ages 8.0 to 10.5 years
  • MaLT 10: Covers ages 9.0 to 11.5 years
  • MaLT 11: Covers ages 10.0 to 12.5 years

MaLT will help schools and teachers to maintain rigorous standarised assessment while also developing formative assessment that informs teaching and guides future learning.

MaLT 2:

  • MaLT 2 STARTER KIT: Manual + 1 Pack of 10 forms for each of MaLT 8, MaLT 9, MaLT 10 & MaLT 11
  • MaLT 2 SPECIMEN SET: Manual + 1 single Specimen Form for each of MaLT 8, MaLT 9, MaLT 10 & MaLT 11
  • MaLT Stage 2 SPECIMEN SET: Manual + 1 only sample form for each of MaLT 8, MaLT 9, MaLT 10 & MaLT 11
  • MaLT Stage 2 Pupil Booklets: Available separately in Packs of 10 for MaLT 8, MaLT 9, MaLT 10 & MaLT 11

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