ISBN: 9781444102604

MaLT 5-14 Scorer/Profiler CD ROM V2

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ISBN: 9781444102604
Author(s) : Julian Williams,
SKU: 9781444102604


Only available to schools in the Republic of Ireland – Individual sales prohibited to protect the integrity of the assessment

A tried and tested approach to mathematics assessment for ages 5-14. Standardised in the UK on over 12,500 pupils, MaLT can be used at any time during the school year – for screening, monitoring and tracking progress, as well as for individual diagnostic profiling.

This CD-ROM contains the Scorer/Profiler program for all ten tests in the MaLT series (MaLT 5 to MaLT 14 inclusive), to monitor individual and group progress in mathematics for 5 to 14 year-olds.

Designed to help you get the most out of the pencil-and-paper tests, the user-friendly Scorer/Profiler automates all age/score conversions and enables individual year-on-year progress monitoring and group performance evaluation. You can even mark the tests on-screen!

The Scorer/Profiler:

  • Processes your test data instantly and accurately
  • Lets you score on-screen, directly from the pupil’s test booklet
  • Calculates pupil ages, standardised scores and UK National Curriculum levels (plus maths ages for MaLT tests 5-11)
  • Enables diagnostic analysis of errors to pinpoint misunderstandings, misconceptions and individual learning needs
  • Allows year-on-year progress monitoring across all ten MaLT tests
  • Enables a comprehensive range of group performance analyses
  • Will run on a standalone PC or over a network for whole-school use.

Key-in or import pupil details and test data, quickly and easily. Then select to monitor individual progress or review group performance analyses and reports, by class or year group, and/or gender – with pupils listed alphabetically, in merit order by standardised score, NC level, etc.

The program is networkable, sets no limit to the number of pupil records, and there is no annual licence fee. Runs in Windows XP and Vista.

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