Making Inclusion Work for Children with Dyspraxia


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Drawing on their considerable experiences of the syndrome, as well as current research findings, the authors help teachers and other education professionals to better understand the needs of a dyspraxic child. Through practical strategies, they show how teachers can make all the difference to a child’s ability to succeed in the classroom, and case studies show how parents, teachers and therapists can work together to facilitate learning. 
Whilst providing a unique insight and approach to the complex condition of dyspraxia, this lively, informative text also examines specific cases and scenarios, considering the perspectives of teachers and parents. It handles a range of crucial topics such as: 

  • issues surrounding diagnosis
  • the developmental differences and characteristics of dyspraxia 
  • conventional and alternative intervention strategies 
  • an exploration of the pressure of families
  • ways of improving home/school liaison. 

Teachers, SENCOs and other educational professionals will find this book provides a wealth of essential information and guidance, whilst parents will also find much to support them in the daily care and welfare of their child.



Lois Addy & Gill Dixon