MakeSure Maths

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Author(s) : Florence Gavin
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Features of MakeSure Maths:

  • Each book covers one year of the Irish primary school curriculum
  • answers to all pages provided on easy to remove the center section
  • 3 assessment tests are included in each book

Make Sure Maths. This scheme is designed to reinforce classroom learning and build confidence in Mathematics. Essential ingredients for success in Mathematics learning are understanding, accuracy, and speed. Children need a drill in numerical calculations to develop accuracy and speed. Assess these aspects of the child’s learning as you work through the book. The Assessment pages provide an opportunity to reflect on the child’s progress, and to identify the strengths and weaknesses the child may have. Build on those strengths and work on the weaknesses and the child will gain proficiency in a subject which will be used throughout his / her life

MakeSure Maths 5 – Page 13 (correction)

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