ISBN: 9781947604216

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ISBN: 9781947604216
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Ensure every educator is engaged in the right work with a collective focus on improved student learning. Aligned to the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) at Work® model, this resource includes instructional coaching tools, processes, protocols, templates, tips, and strategies designed to support the multidimensional work of instructional coaches and PLC training. Each chapter includes action steps and reflective coaching activities, as well as suggestions for navigating some of the most common issues instructional coaches face.

Use this book to understand the unique requirements of instructional coaches in building a school that answers the four critical questions of a PLC at Work:

  • Learn how to provide PLC training and professional development for collaborative teacher teams.
  • Study three major variables that will affect instructional coaching—capacity, culture, and context—and four major actions that will act as guiding principles.
  • Explore issues that can arise in PLC schools, as well as teacher coaching strategies to help resolve these issues.
  • Deepen your understanding of instructional coaching in a PLC with helpful online reproducibles and teacher coaching tools.
  • Acquire capacity-building strategies aligned to the four PLC questions.

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