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Magenta Principles - Engagement, Depth and Challenge in the Classroom

Magenta Principles - Engagement, Depth and Challenge in the Classroom by Mike Hughes

The Magenta Principles is an umbrella phrase that refers to a philosophy and an approach to taeching based upon the premise that learning should be both exciting and engaging. More specifically, the phrase represents a pedagogy undepinned by an unshakeable belief that:

  • Learning is the consequence of thinking... therefor our job is to get them to think
  • Language is central to thinking... therefor our job is to get them to talk
  • Learning is an active process... therefor our job is to get them doing.

We talk about the Magenta Principles - but in reality there is just one principle: in order to make sense of the information that comes their way, children have to do something to/with it. The question therefor becomes: What are children required to do with the information they encounter in the classroom? It is central to the approach and the answer gives us the Magenta Principles - children could be asked to reduce it. assemble it, add to it, arrange it, sequence it, classify it... the list goes on and on.

The book is illustrated with examples of how the Magenta Principles have been used by teachers, both primary and secondary, with a particular focus on how Whitley Bay High School in the UK has used the Magenta Principles over a number of years to help develop classroom practice.

Whitley Bay is the school that has taken the Magenta Principles to heart more than any other. In their own words:

If our goal was to make learning an engaging, student-centred experience then the Magenta Principles was the vehicle that enabled us to get there.

Offsted judged the school to be outstanding in both 2010 and 2013 and described teaching as exciting and innovative.


First and foremost Mike is a teacher having taught in secondary for 18 years, most recently as a secondary Head. Indeed, anyone who has read his books or attended one of training sessions can immediately see that he has spent a considerable amount of time in the classroom. Not surprisingly, he has a widespread reputation for being both practical and realistic.

In addition to teaching, Mike has also found time to:

  • Work in an advisory capacity for Gloucestershire LEA (teaching and learning)
  • Facilitate on the New Visions programme for recently appointed headteachers
  • Work as an NPQH trainer
  • Be a PGCE course leader
  • Train as an Ofsted inspector
  • Write an extensive range of educational publications and resources
  • Provide training and support to a huge number of teachers and schools in the UK, Ireland and internationally.

Mike’s work is hugely varied and tailored to fit the needs of the individual school / teacher. Anyone considering working with Mike is invited to contact him to discuss their requirements and explore possibilities.

To give you a flavor of his work…


He works predominantly in three inter-related areas:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Leadership development and leadership for learning
  • Coaching

[ISBN: ETS-8804]

[Extent: 222 Pages]

[Author: Mike Hughes]

[Age Suitability: All]




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