ISBN: 9781906531607

Lucy’s Story: A Child’s Story of Loss


ISBN: 9781906531607
SKU: 9781906531607


Once there was a happy child who had no cares and worries. She had a lovely mum, a wonderful dad, and a baby brother. But then it all went horribly wrong …

This illustrated therapeutic story is written from the point of view of a young girl whose father has died. It explores how she feels and reacts to the loss both within her family and at school, and shows how an isolated child such as Lucy can be given help and understanding.

The story offers an explanation of the difficult concepts of death and loss, and shows how younger children experience loss as it follows Lucy on her journey to find hope again.

This story can be used by schools, counsellors and families to support young people who are experiencing loss, as well as to safely introduce concepts of bereavement within the classroom.

Each chapter contains notes related to the issues of bereavement and loss with children of primary age, and guides the professional in the points covered.

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