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Author(s) : Samantha York,
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Engaging activities to get the most from biology texts

Not all science teaching leads to scientifically literate students — students who can apply their knowledge to make sense of their own lives and make a difference in the world around them. But when teaching explicitly incorporates scientific literacy, it produces motivated students with a deep understanding of science concepts. This Literacy in Science series shows just how easy it can be to make scientific literacy activities a regular, engaging part of your science programme — and to reap the rewards.

The accessible resource materials have been designed for customising: you can choose the set of activities on the concept relevant to your current focus and use it to either consolidate learning or really delve into the concept and its real-life implications. As well as offering a diversity of topics within each science discipline, activities cover the full range of learning contexts from individual independent work to whole-class tasks.

Book 1:

  • Scientific method
  • Immunity
  • Genetics
  • Health & Technology
  • Ecology
  • Adaptations

Book 2:

  • Heat Transfer
  • Experimental Error
  • Electricity
  • Energy Use
  • Forces
  • Speed & Velocity
  • Light
  • Applying physics to technology
  • Young physicists

Book 3:

  • The Changing Model of the Aton
  • Compounds, Elements & Mixtures
  • Physical & Chemical Changes
  • Rate of Reaction
  • States of Matter
  • Elements and Atoms
  • Scientific Method

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