ISBN: 9781869686321

Literacy in Maths


ISBN: 9781869686321
Author(s) : Naomi Jonas,
SKU: 9781869686321
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There is a vast amount of vocabulary for students to learn in mathematics. With the emphasis on solving problems in context, explaining reasoning and completing proofs, literacy has become increasingly important in mathematics. Being literate in mathematics will ensure that students achieve their highest potential. This book includes strategies that can be used to develop literacy skills in the fields of Algebra and Number. Comprised of versatile vocabulary reminder and definition sheets, a large maths literacy worksheet section and a range of reinforcement activities, Literacy In Maths can be used:

  • as revision for assessment
  • as an introduction to new terms
  • to provide homework tasks
  • as skills training or refreshment
  • to provide support for ESOL students
  • and for much more.

Easy to use and packed with clear explanations and versatile activities, Literacy In Maths confidently tackles an often overlooked area in Maths education.

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