Life Coaching Handbook, The


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Everything You Need To Be An Effective Life Coach!

This complete guide to life coaching reveals what life coaching IS, how to coach yourself and others effectively and how to create and sustain a successful coaching practice.


Leading you through a comprehensive programme of Advanced Life Coaching Skills, it contains key NLP-based techniques that include:


  State Control


  Spiral Coaching          



  The Milton Model.




The Life Coaching Handbook” is the essential guide for life coaches, and a key sourcebook for NLP practitioners, human resources managers, training professionals, counsellors and the curious.


Curly Martin is a professional life coach, author, trainer and internationally qualified NLP Master Practitioner. Coaching for more than twenty years, her clients include celebrities, CEOs, directors and doctors.




[ISBN: 9781899836710, 224 Pages]

[Author: Curly Martin; Age Suitability: All]

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