Let’s Think

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Author(s) : Jacqui Arnold,


The Let’s Think! series of books:

  • Is an effective tool in teaching thinking skills in a mainstream classroom programme or as part of a thinking skills programme.
  • Contains activities that cover a range of thinking skill topics, including fluency, flexibility, originality, problem-solving, visualisation, questioning, reasoning, attribute listing, decision-making and analytical thinking.
  • Provides easy-to-use reproducible activities for each level of the primary school
  • Recognises the importance of the four learning styles (visual, auditory, tactual, and kinaesthetic), and so contains activities that meet the learning needs of these different styles.

The Let’s Think series motivates students to think of new ways of doing things, to think outside the square, to look at the world through new eyes and to ask “Why”? or “Why not”? A range of thinking skills is covered, from questioning to problem-solving. Activities across the series link together, making it easy for teachers to plan lessons or units at all primary levels.

Let’s Think Creatively – Book 1:

  • Section One: Originality (Design)
  • Section One: Originality (Literacy)
  • Section Three: Visualization
  • Section Four: Problem-solving

Let’s Think Critically – Book 2:

  • Section One: Decision-making, Reasoning, and Predicting
  • Section Two: Attribute Listing and Comparing and Contrasting
  • Section Three: Questioning Skills
  • Section Four: Discerning Fact versus Opinion
  • Section Five: Levels of Thinking
  • Section Six: Reasoning

Let’s Think – Book 3:

  • Section One: A General Warm-up
  • Section Two: Comparing and Contrasting
  • Section Three: Alternative Viewpoints
  • Section Four: Decision-making and Reasoning
  • Section Five: Literacy
  • Section Six: Memory and Observation
  • Section Seven: Touch and Movement
  • Section Eight: Wind-ups


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