Let’s Think Learning Styles Poster Set of 5


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This poster reminds us to consider a child from a person centred approach and consider their own learning style rather than applying the same method for all children.

When we respond to children’s behaviour we often use our voices and we don’t consider what learning style the child prefers and best responds to.

There are 7 learning styles:

  • Visual
  • Musical/Auditory
  • Verbal
  • Physical/Kinaesthetic
  • Logical/Mathematical
  • Social
  • Solitary

We often just refer to 3, Visual, Verbal or Physical, however some children have a very logical mind that requires information to be given in clear sequences. Others prefer to learn in a social environment and will remember if they are with friends or in a social situation to retain situational learning. Others prefer to take in information and will retain if they are on their own; solitary learners. Finally we have children who learn more by using sounds and rhythm, similar to some adults who will prefer to work with the radio on or have background music.

All posters are A3 and doubled laminated for strength and durability.

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