ISBN: 9781877536557

Let’s Begin with ABC


ISBN: 9781877536557
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 Letter Recognition for Beginners

Let’s Begin with ABC provides support for letter recognition and formation for four- to five-year-olds. The letters have been grouped in such a way that the formation skills learnt with one letter are reinforced with the next and so on. Each worksheet includes a section for rainbow writing, where the children draw the shape of the letter seven times, each time using a different colour, in a hollow version of the letter.

It is worthwhile devoting time to developing the correct letter formation and pencil grip in the beginning of the writing journey as it is so much easier than trying to change an incorrect formation or grip once it has become well ingrained. However, if an incorrect grip is an issue, a number of helpful products, ranging from triangle shaped pencils to grips that can be attached to a pencil, are available.

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