Learning Styles and Inclusion

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Drawing on his considerable experience as a teacher, educational psychologist, lecturer and author, Gavin Reid illustrates how to assess pupils’ different learning styles and how to vary your teaching style to appeal to all types of learners, including disaffected students and those with special educational needs.

This book, provides an overview of the different stages in the learning cycle; describes the differences between learners, and emphasises the role the classroom environment and different teaching styles play in children’s ability to learn. Readers will see how an understanding of learning styles can be used to encourage and promote good inclusive practice.

Ideas for assessment of learning styles and examples of different teaching styles will prove invaluable to class teachers, trainee teachers, special needs teachers, advisers; NQTs and NQT advisers and school management.

Chapters include:

  • Learning Models and Learning Cycle
  • Learning Differences and Learning Styles
  • The Role of the Learning Environment
  • Background to Learning Styles
  • Assessment of Learning Styles
  • Learning Styles – Learning and Teaching
  • The Inclusive School – Characteristics and Challenges
  • Learning Styles in the Inclusive Context
  • Promoting Effective Learning
  • Learning Styles – Strategies and Insights 

[ISBN: SG-0644; 188 Pages]

[Author: Gavin Reid; Suitability: All]

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