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Learning Language and Loving It DVD and DVD User’s Guide: Promoting Children’s Social, Language, and Literacy Development in Early Childhood Settings

This easy to use DVD demonstrates the vital role of preschool teachers in facilitating children’s social, language and literacy development. As a companion to the Learning Language and Loving It Guidebook, this DVD provides real life examples of teachers using strategies in play and daily activities to create enriched, interactive language-learning environments that include children who have special needs and language delays, who are second language learners, as well as those who are typically developing.

The DVD User’s Guide includes descriptions and discussion-starting questions relating to each video on the DVD, making it an excellent tool for encouraging reflection and maximizing learning.

[Age Suitability: 3-6]

[Authors: Elaine Weitzman & Janice Greenberg]

[Running Time: 4 hours Available in NTSC and PAL formats]


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