ISBN: 9781947604445

Leading Modern Learning – 2nd Edition


ISBN: 9781947604445
SKU: 9781947604445


Redesign education to meet the needs of 21st century students. In the second edition of Leading Modern Learning, authors Jay McTighe and Greg Curtis outline a reworked version of their blueprint for major education reform. More than a simple refresh, the latest edition incorporates new insights, experiences, and tools that will help you implement modern learning practices in your department, school, or district.

Use this book to guide education and curriculum reform and empower modern learners:

  • Understand the necessity and value of education reform and updating school curriculum for the 21st century classroom.
  • Explore systems thinking and frameworks for backward-design that can be utilized by school leadership to develop action plans and guide school curriculum reform for modern learning.
  • Read an all-new chapter on change management and strategic planning for district and school leadership as well as new Notes From the Field, which highlight how to avoid potential missteps and misunderstandings that inhibit progress.
  • Utilize the appendices and free reproducibles to further your understanding of education reform, curriculum development, and school leadership for modern learning.

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