ISBN: 9781760011734

Transformative Talk


ISBN: 9781760011734
Author(s) : Gavin Grift
SKU: 9781760011734


Cognitive Coaches Share Their Stories

Transformative Talk assists an aspirant Cognitive Coach in building their coaching capabilities. It draws upon each of the insights and experiences of Cognitive Coaching℠ training associates and agency trainers who are ‘walking the talk’ in their own lives and careers. Each chapter at varying degrees reflects personal journeys shared with the explicit intention to assist you in making connections to your own work and your growth as a Coach.

The material has been selected to support educators who fulfill a variety of different roles. You will find information, insights and strategies to assist your growth from a variety of perspectives. These include reflections to assist classroom teachers, school leaders, principals, support staff, coaches, systems leaders and researchers.

Transformative Talk encourages you to unleash the power of Cognitive Coaching℠ for the students and colleagues you work with and in your ongoing goal to build both your identity and capacity as a mediator of thinking.

Talk is critical to the complex, challenging and intrinsically satisfying work of educators. This book provides you with the opportunity to continue transforming your talk so you can transform the thinking of others in the process of education.

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