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Leading a High Reliability School


This user-friendly teaching resource focuses on a safe and collaborative culture, effective teaching in every classroom, a guaranteed and viable curriculum, standards-referenced reporting of student progress (standards-based grading) and a competency-based system.


– Use Data-Driven Instruction and Collaborative Teaching Strategies to Boost Academic Achievement – Foreword by Jeffrey C. Jones

How do educators build High Reliability Schools™ (HRS) and boost academic achievement? By implementing interdependent systems of operation and performance assessment for student-centered learning. A critical commitment to becoming an HRS is the PLC at Work® process of collaborative learning and teaching. This user-friendly teaching resource focuses on:

(1) a safe and collaborative culture

(2) effective teaching in every classroom

(3) a guaranteed and viable curriculum

(4) standards-referenced reporting of student progress (standards-based grading)

(5) a competency-based system

Marzano, Warrick, Rains and DuFour will help you:

  • Increase school effectiveness through a focus on student-centred learning and the implementation of research-based leading indicators of operation
  • Monitor effective practices through the use of lagging indicators and quick data sources
  • Explore the three big ideas associated with the PLC at Work® process to implement student-centred learning, collaborative teaching strategies and data-driven instruction
  • Engage in periodic reflection on effective school leadership and instructional coaching practices
  • Understand how to balance and achieve school and district goals using data to improve students’ academic achievement and college- and career-readiness skills

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Educational Resource Book – 216 Pages


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