ISBN: 9781760569242

Five Ways of Being


Leadership is about being – it is about who we are, who we need to become and who we can become to enable the learning and growth of others.

ISBN: 9781760569242
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What Learning Leaders Think, Do and Say Every Day

Leadership is traditionally viewed as a competency-based skill. It is seen as something that people do rather than something they embody. This book challenges that narrative: leadership is about being – it is about who we are, who we need to become and who we can become to enable the learning and growth of others.

Everyone in a school community who is responsible for someone else’s learning is a Learning Leader and the success of any school community is intrinsically bound to effective leadership at all levels. Five Ways of Being contends that the very nature or essence of successful leadership requires that each and every leader is open to:

  • Being trusting
  • Being brave
  • Being a storyteller
  • Being purposeful
  • Being growth focused

Through 32 evidence-based practical strategies, readers are empowered to embrace these Five Ways of Being and improve their ability to genuinely lead learning in others. They will be able to look internally to overcome the challenges they face and create productive environments for both students and colleagues. By embodying the Five Ways of Being, their leadership will manifest in what they think, do and say every day.

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