ISBN: 9781936763528



ISBN: 9781936763528
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Develop a creative, productive school culture. Based on their decades-long work in leadership, the authors offer seven core leadership competencies for systemic change in schools, districts, and state education systems. Discover targeted strategies to move past failed initiatives and overcome initiative overload, explore how to cultivate effective work practices, and gain the know-how to create enjoyable, innovative learning environments.


  • Discover why it’s a good time to be an educational leader.
  • Examine how leaders outside of education share common practices that have brought them success and how this can inform educators’ leadership practices.
  • Study stories of district and school leaders who have broken out of confusing patterns of incessant initiatives.
  • Consider the four wrong policy drivers and the four right policy drivers.
  • Learn how to develop two-way partnerships with colleagues in order to cultivate a support network.

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