Language Builders for 0-3s



Language Builders for 0-3s – Advice and Activities to Encourage the Communication Skills of Babies and Young Children by Liz Elks & Henrietta McLachlan – Speech & Language Therapists

This new and practical book provides detailed advice and activities to promote the speaking and listening of babies and young children. It has been carefully written to tie in with the EYFS and the two year review. It is full of information about communication development, typical developmental milestones, observation schedules to support your assessment, planning and monitoring of children’s progress and simple, fun ideas which are easy to implement in everyday situations.

Amongst the topics covered are:

  • What is communication?
  • Encouraging appropriate adult-child interaction
  • Developing play for language
  • Provide child friendly environments to support attention and listening
  • Helping children develop their understanding of language and verbal reasoning
  • Encouraging children to talk and adults to listen!
  • Sharing books, using rhymes to develop language and early literacy
  • Working with parents

[CODE: ELK-LB-0-3]

[Extent: 115 Pages]

[Authors: Liz Elks & Henrietta McLachlan – Speech & Language Therapists]

[Age Suitability: For children who are either 0-3 years or who are functioning at this level]

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