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The Incredible Years: A Trouble-Shooting Guide for Parents of Children Aged 2 to 8 Years: Revised Edition

All children misbehave for a variety of reasons, sometimes simply to test how far they can go or to get the attention they crave. Other children are temperamentally more difficult to parent than others because they are impulsive, hyperactive, inattentive or delayed in some aspect of their development. This invaluable handbook provides parents with guidelines not only to help prevent behaviour problems from occurring but also with strategies to promote children’s social, emotional and academic competence. New chapters in this edition: How to help your child learn to regulate emotions, make friends and cope with peer problems; How to partner with your child’s teacher to promote social and academic success; How to promote your child’s school readiness through interactive reading and child-directed play coaching; How to teach social skills to a child who is fearful and shy as well as a child who is hyperactive, impulsive, and inattentive.

About the Author:
Carolyn Webster-Stratton, PH.D is an educational psychologist who for twenty years has been developing and evaluating interventions to help children with behaviour problems.

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[CODE: IY-2046; Pages: 320 Author: Carolyn Webster-Stratton, PH.D.; Age Suitability: 2 to 8]

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