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The Incredible Teachers book is for day care providers and teachers of young children ages 3-8 years. The book presents a variety of classroom management strategies for teachers to choose from in order to meet children’s developmental milestones and to teach emotional literacy, friendship skills, self-regulation and problem solving skills. Teachers are encouraged to identify their personal goals by completing self-reflection inventories for each group of strategies. Circle time scripts, small group activities and games are also suggested that include ways to foster pre-reading, reading, pre-writing, writing and cooperative learning skills

Nurturing positive relationships with students and parents promotes academic growth. This book also shows teachers how to set up individualised programs for children who are at risk because of learning difficulties, hyperactivity, impulsivity, attention deficit disorder, language and reading delays, depressive or aggressive behaviour. The author shows how teachers can integrate individualised, culturally sensitive interventions for such children in the mainstream classroom. The book also shows how to partner with parents to promote their children’s social, emotional, language and academic competence.

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