ISBN: 9781855034365

Including Gifted, Able and Talented Children in the Classroom


This accessible and practical book has been written to help you identify and promote the gifts and talents of pupils in your class.

ISBN: 9781855034365
Author(s) : Mike Fleetham
SKU: 9781855034365


In an inclusive classroom, all children should have their need for personalised learning met. This includes those children who are gifted and talented in some way. They have the right to be given work that is suited to their specific needs and abilities too. This accessible and practical book has been written to help you identify and promote the gifts and talents of pupils in your class.

The sections in the book cover how to:

  • Decide on what constitutes gifted and talented
  • Identify such children
  • Manage provision for them
  • Develop yourself and your teaching in this area
  • Enhance the thinking skills and emotional intelligence of such pupils
  • Enrich the curriculum offered to gifted and talented children
  • Involve parents and the wider community

In this book, you will be provided with a wealth of advice, guidance, activities and materials from an author experienced in this area. It is important that the skills and abilities of all children are recognised and developed in a supportive and caring environment. In addressing the gifts and talents of your learners through reading and applying the materials in this informative book, you will be helping to create learners equipped to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

Contains 96 A4 pages.

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