ISBN: 9781877523908

I Spy Maths


ISBN: 9781877523908
Author(s) : Jackie Andrews,
SKU: 9781877523908


Children can be daunted by the requirement for ongoing practice in order to strengthen number knowledge and learn other maths concepts. With I Spy Maths you have a winning formula for getting them to leap at any opportunity to do so! Based on the format of a familiar game, the activities reinforce number identification, sequencing and ordering, place value and basic facts. The task cards have been designed to be teacher-friendly too, set out in a progressive order and indexed so that it is easy to
find a card to target a specific concept or knowledge.

Suitable for independent, group or whole-class use, this is a resource that will be a welcome supplement throughout your maths programme.

This book:

  • Reinforces number knowledge and other maths concepts in a fun way
  • Comprises task cards that can be laminated to make resource children will love to use time and time again
  • Offers a non-threatening means of identifying concepts that children have not yet fully grasped
  • Is a versatile resource that can be used for independent work, with groups or as a whole class.

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