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I DARE YOU! Win the Debate in your own Head by Blaise Brosnan


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I DARE YOU! Win the Debate in your own Head by Blaise Brosnan

The book I Dare You with the subtitle Win the Debate in Your Own Head by Blaise Brosnan guides readers on coping with the challenges of life and taking opportunities that present themselves to achieve their desires and dreams. The author dares readers to visualise the outcome they desire, create it in their minds, manage change, start to take the necessary steps toward their goals and stand for something. Chapters deal with life phases, personal development, personal leadership, professional management, money management future growth outcomes.

He challenges readers: “Are you suffering enough right now or would you rather wait until you feel worse?” He invites readers to answer important questions: “What would you do to achieve anything you want in life?” He says: “Change is good for you” and “It’s what we do with life’s challenges and opportunities that count”. He talks in the book about growing up and growing wise, making things happen, building business, creating wealth from scarce resources and achieving happiness. This soft-back book of 200 pages in a handy 5 ½inch by 7 inch format similar to that of The Secret comprises 47 core messages from the author’s vast life experience as a manager and entrepreneur and educator and trainer of thousands of people. In addition, the book contains his personal selection of 300 profound quotations to inspire the reader.

  • “This book is a roadmap to personal liberation” – Brendan Howlin, TD, former Government Minister, Leader of the Labour Party.
  • “Masterful lessons”- Jerry Kennelly, Founder and CEO, Stockbyte
  • “Use these nuggets”- Catherine Hallahan, Managing Director, Microsoft
  • “I Dare You read this book” – David Walsh, Netwatch.
  • “Blaise is porridge for breakfast” – Anna Wickham

About the Author

Blaise Brosnan is a well-known business educator and trainer of more than 40 years’ experience who has mentored and guided thousands of business people in his native Ireland and in other countries including the USA and Russia. He first came to national attention when as a young manager he helped to build a small business to become an entity with a turnover of many millions.
He is a native of Killarney, Co. Kerry. He now lives in Co. Wexford. He is a graduate of University College Dublin and of Trinity College Dublin. He is founder-director of International Dispute Resolution (Ireland) Ltd. He was a board member of the world-famous Wexford Opera House, now Ireland’s National Opera house, during its multi-million euro development. Blaise Brosnan is author of the book You are the Limiting Factor published in 2009 and the book Jack- Business Lessons from Life- Life Lessons from Business published in 2011. I Dare You – Win the Debate in Your Own Head, is his third book. Each of his books is part of an integrated series. You are the Limiting Factor is a trigger to better business and life management, Jack is a model of career development and I Dare You, is a guide for life and living to the optimum.

[Author: Blaise Brosnan; Age Suitability: All]

[ISBN: 9780993465000]

[Extent: 179 Pages]

[Published: 2016]

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