How to Create and Develop a Thinking Classroom


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The interest in different thinking skills and learning styles has grown considerably over the last few years. Many books have been written introducing such tools as ‘individual learning styles’, ‘multiple intelligences’, ‘thinking skills’, ‘accelerated learning’ and ‘VAK’.

How to Create and Develop a Thinking Classroom will show you how to integrate the best of these new teaching methods with the finest traditional classroom practice. Mike Fleetham, an experienced teacher and trainer, cuts through the confusion of so many initiatives to provide a clear guide to how you can incorporate the best of innovative teaching and training methods into existing good practice.

Sections include:
– an explanation of why interest in thinking is so popular at the moment
– an introduction to a Thinking classroom
– help on how to create a Thinking classroom
– ways to develop your Thinking classroom by working, learning and thinking in different ways.

How to Create and Develop a Thinking Classroom will help to raise standards in your school by directing attention not only to the ‘what’ of learning but to the ‘how’.

[ISBN: 9781855033788, 64 Pages]

[Author: Mike Fleetham, Suitability: All Ages]

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