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Author(s) : John Brundall,
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These two photocopiable resource books provide information and engaging activity-based challenges that will enable students to develop an understanding of a range of key historical topics, movements and events. Each topic is presented as a question.
Book A contains 19 topics, including:
  • Which people developed the first civilization?
  • Why are the ancient Egyptians important?
  • In what ways did the Romans leave their mark?
  • What was the Renaissance?
  • Why were there voyages of discovery?
  • What was the Industrial Revolution?
  • What was the War to end all Wars?
Book B contains 9 topics and a revision test. Topics include:
  • Who was Gandhi?
  • Why did communism fall?
  • Who is Mandela and what was his role in South Africa?
  • What wars have there been since 1945?
  • What have been key environmental issues 1945-2000?

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