Helping Children with Fear & Teenie Weenie in a Too Big World


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Each Guide book in the Helping Children with Feelings series focuses on a key feeling and is written in very user-friendly language, covering the most relevant psychotherapeutic and neurobiological theories for that feeling. Each guidebook is accompanied by a beautifully illustrated storybook that will serve as an excellent therapeutical accompaniment.

Helping Children with Fear
A guidebook to help children who:
– worry a lot or exhibit signs of ongoing anxiety
– experience the world as an unsafe place
– suffer from phobias, obsessions or nightmares
– are scared to tell someone that they are scared
– know a terrible loneliness
– feel insignificant in a world of adult giants
– feel defeated by life or need help in being assertive
– feel so impotent that their only way to feel any potency is to be mute

Teenie Weenie in a too big World Bin
A beautifully illustrated storybook for fearful children:
One day Teenie Weenie finds himself in a screechy, scary place. The worse it gets, the smaller Teenie Weenie feels. Teenie Weenie feels terrified and desperately alone. But after a while, with a Wip Wop bird and his friend Hoggie, Teenie Weenie learns about the power of togetherness. He comes to know how very different things look when it’s an us not just a me. And so, whenever Teenie Weenie finds himself struggling alone with something too difficult or too frightening, he finds some togetherness.

[CODE: SM-4689, Set of two books]

[Author: Margot Sunderland, Age Suitability: 3 – 14]

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