Helping Children who Bottle Up their Feelings & A Nifflenoo Called Nevermind


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Each Guide book in the Helping Children with Feelings series focuses on a key feeling and is written in very user-friendly language, covering the most relevant psychotherapeutic and neurobiological theories for that feeling. Each guidebook is accompanied by a beautifully illustrated storybook that will serve as an excellent therapeutical accompaniment.

Helping Children who Bottle Up Their Feelings
A guidebook to help children who:
– are trying to manage their too painful feelings by themselves
– do not let themselves cry, protest or say that they are scared
– are living with too many unresolved painful emotions from the past
– have had disturbing, overwhelming or confusing experiences, which they have been unable to think through or feel through properly
– are full of unexpressed feelings because expressing them feels far too dangerous
– are full of unmourned grief

A Nifflenoo called Nevermind
A beautifully illustrated storybook for children who bottle up their feelings:
Nevermind always carries on whatever happens! Each time something horrible happens to him he just tucks his feelings away and carries on with life. Find out what happens to Nevermind and how he begins to understand that his feelings do matter, how he learns to express them and stand up for himself.

[CODE: SM-5013, Set of two books]

[Author: Margot Sunderland, Age Suitability: 3 – 14] 

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