Helping Children Locked in Rage or Hate & How Hatie Hated


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Each Guide book in the Helping Children with Feelings series focuses on a key feeling and is written in very user-friendly language, covering the most relevant psychotherapeutic and neurobiological theories for that feeling. Each guidebook is accompanied by a beautifully illustrated storybook that will serve as an excellent therapeutical accompaniment.

Helping Children Locked in Rage or Hate
A guidebook to help children who:
– hurt, hit, bite, smash, kick, shout or scream
– are out of control, hyperaroused or hyperactive
– can only discharge their angry feelings in verbal or physical attacks
– are angry because it is easier than feeling hurt or sad
– are locked in anger or rage because of sibling rivalry
– are controlling and punitive
– regularly defy authority
– are diagnosed with a conduct disorder
– commit cold acts of cruelty, hurt animals or do not cry any more
– spoil, damage or destroy what others do or make
– create fear in others because they have locked away their own fears
– do not want to please people and cannot trust
– have stopped looking for love or approval
– truly believe they do not need anyone
– do not know how to ‘like’ or ‘love’ someone
– are affectionate only if they want something

How Hattie Hated Kindness
A beautifully illustrated storybook for children locked in rage or hate:
Hattie lives by herself on an island. Lots of people try to bring kindness to Hattie, but each time she is very horrid to them, smashing and spoiling everything they try to do for her. So after a while they all stop trying and Hattie is very alone. With the help of the lapping water-over-her-toes, Hattie understands that because she’d been a very sad and frightened little girl in a too hard world, she had become hard too, so that the awful fear and the awful pain would go away.

[CODE: SM-4696, Set of two books]

[Author: Margot Sunderland, Age Suitability: 3 – 14]

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