Help! There’s an Einstein in my Classroom Book A


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A practical guide to working with gifted and talented students

John Edgar and Erin Walcroft are both primary teachers who specialise in teaching highly able students in a standard classroom environment. They have written this resource for all those primary teachers who want a clear, accessible and practical guide for providing a learning environment in which highly able students will flourish and grow.

Help! There’s an Einstein in my Classroom contains an easy-to-follow guide to setting up a step-by-step programme for gifted children. It offers practical suggestions for developing organisational thinking, research and presentation skills; and includes real-life examples of gifted students’ investigations.

The resource covers a broad spectrum of issues including guides to identification, giving emotional support, and dealing with cultural issues affecting gifted children. It also demonstrates ways of setting up a manageable group-based programme in the class and deals with management issues which concern the rest of the class.

In Book A areas covered include:

  • Ways of identifying talented students
  • Methods for implementing a classroom programme
  • Creative and critical thinking skills
  • Accessing experts to support your teaching programme
  • Using technology

About the Authors
Dr. John Edgar currently coordinates programmes for gifted children at the primary school in which he teaches. He has a wide experience in teaching gifted children as well as advising teachers on establishing their own programmes. He has conducted workshops in writing for gifted children.

As a classroom teacher Erin Walcroft has experience in providing programmes for gifted children within the class environment. She has a particular interest in the art education of gifted children, having worked with groups of gifted young artists in her own school and in other schools.


[CODE: UF-2246; 44 Pages]

[Authors: John Edgar and Erin Walcroft; Suitability: 5-13]


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