ISBN: 9781869684389

Grammar Made Easy


ISBN: 9781869684389
Author(s) : Maura O' Connor,
SKU: 9781869684389


This photocopiable user-friendly resource provides you with all the definitions and examples you need to be your own grammar expert. Whether you need to check your own work, colleagues’s or answer a student’s tricky grammar question, this book will become an essential part of your classroom resources.

This book provides everything from definitions to commonplace parts of speech, to information on synonyms, antonyms and punctuation.
Grammar rules and exceptions are easily laid out and simple to understand.

Use This Book To:

  • Check your understanding on common parts of speech
  • Proof a colleague’s reports
  • Understand the appropriate use of punctuation
  • Explain a grammar or punctuation rule to a student
  • Help explain a grammar example to a student
  • Set independent learning activities for students

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