Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World- Workbook


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Getting Ahead by Philip E. DeVol is a workbook for people in poverty that shows how to use the hidden rules of class to build up financial, emotional, social and other resources. Understanding the hidden rules of the middle class and wealth, and choosing to use them, can open doors to new relationships, new jobs and higher resources. The workbook is designed to be used as an investigation tool by people working in groups with a trained facilitator.
The participants explore the impact that poverty has had on them, investigate economic realities, complete a self-assessment of their own resources, make plans to build their own resources, and develop a mental model of community prosperity.
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Getting Ahead:

  • Facilitates learning based on co-investigations by individuals and facilitators
  •  Relies as much on discussion as on program content
  •  Sets a concrete definition of poverty as “the extent to which an individual does without resources” Supports individuals in stabilizing their situations and building resources and human capital
  •  Addresses all four causes of poverty: individual behaviors and circumstances, community conditions, exploitation, and political/economic structures
  •  Employs self-assessment of resources and a personal My Life Now Mental Model to help conceptualize the difference between what life is like now and what life could be

ISBN: 9781929229284  Author: Philip E. DeVol  Ages: All