ISBN: 9781949539455

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A companion to the best-selling On Your Mark, this practical guide details how to successfully lead lasting grading reform. Implement best practices in grading that address the needs of every student in your school or district in six essential steps.


ISBN: 9781949539455
Author(s) : Thomas R. Guskey
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Creating Successful Grading and Reporting Systems

Make school a better experience for students by ensuring grading and reporting practices are honest, accurate, meaningful and fair. A companion to the best-selling and award-winning On Your Mark, this practical guide details how to successfully lead lasting grading reform. Dr. Thomas R. Guskey simplifies the transition by guiding educators through six essential steps – from developing a coalition devoted to change to creating a systematic plan.


  • Become familiar with the process of implementing a rigorous new system of reporting that aligns with the goals of standards-based grading
  • Acquire numerous tools and strategies that will assist in the process of implementing a new grading system
  • Study the six steps that are essential to any successful attempt to reform grading, as well as how to succeed in each
  • Learn how to form a change action plan that covers the entire system of implementation and improves the student experience.

About the Author:

Thomas R. Guskey, PhD, is a senior research scholar at the University of Louisville and professor emeritus in the College of Education at the University of Kentucky. A graduate of the University of Chicago, he began his career in education as a middle school teacher and later served as a school administrator in the Chicago Public Schools.

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