ISBN: 9781903776698

Form Tutor’s Pocketbook


ISBN: 9781903776698
Author(s) : Roy Watson-Davis
SKU: 9781903776698


While the role of form tutor may be changing, its importance within a school is not. Yet it’s a role for which most teachers receive very little training. Somehow you’re expected to pick up and master the considerable skills as you go along. Picking up this pocketbook for its clear guidance on all aspects of the job – administrative, pastoral and academic – is the way forward.

You’re sure to recognise Roy’s light-hearted stereotypes and you’re equally sure to relate to what he has to say about such thorny issues as the homework diary, thought for the week, report writing and uniform checks. As well as routines and admin, there are chapters on working with parents and carers; pastoral and social development; effective target setting and ideas for tutorials. Whichever way your school interprets the form tutor’s role, there’s something here for both the NQT and the seasoned hand.

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