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This fun and engaging literature unit around the concept of family is designed specifically for children in the lower primary years. The authors have developed a series of sixteen interactive lessons and a portfolio assessment based on writing models and stories about families.

Through participating in this unit, students will broaden their understanding of the concept of family as well as analytical and interpretive literature skills. The classroom-ready lessons enable mastery of basic reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Students learn how to write persuasively while using critical thinking and reasoning. Organisation of ideas and editing skills are also developed.

An understanding of this concept is essential for young children. If they grow up with an understanding and acceptance that it is normal for families to be different, it will better equip them to deal with the highs, lows and changes they, and those around them, will face being part of a family.

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ISBN: 9781741011067

Authors: Cheryl McCashney & Liz Robinson; Age Suitability: 5 -7+

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