ISBN: 9781869685201

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ISBN: 9781869685201
Author(s) : Rob Nelson
SKU: 9781869685201


Problem Solving Activities for Early Learners 

This resource contains fun and humorous challenges which present opportunities for problem-solving, ingenuity, co-operative work, making links and coming up with workable solutions. It aims to introduce children to Design and Technology. The resource has two kinds of pages, one for teachers and one for children.

• For teachers – these pages outline the equipment, procedures, hints and possible follow-up activities practitioners may find of value. A suggested procedure is available. All of these activities will need to be framed by a real-life (or imaginary) event in order for the children to make connections and ask appropriate questions.

• For children – these challenge pages are really designed briefs. They can be copied onto cards and laminated for the children or enlarged to A3 for posters.

Each page outlines what the children are to do. The language is relatively simple. The posters can then be displayed in your room. You may like to read them to the children and encourage them to read with you when they become familiar with the words. A list is also included to allow children to obtain their own materials.

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