Everyday Maths

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Author(s) : Jane Bourke,


The activities in these books are designed to present real life problems in a realistic context so as to provide children with situations in which everyday maths comprehension skills are required . The tasks also provide a foundation for the development of problem solving skills and strategies.The activities are based around a set of recurring characters who find themselves exposed to a range of real-life problems that need to be solved; the sort of problems that students may encounter on a day to day basis.

Most of the activities can be described as maths comprehension questions where students are presented with the facts and need to determine ways to manipulate them in order to solve the problem.

Everyday Maths 1 includes problem solving strategies such as Guess and Check, Act It Out, Make A Model, Look for a Pattern, Construct a Table and so on

In Everyday Maths 2, children are required to utilise a range of problem solving strategies in their approach to reaching solutions for these interesting problems.

New look versions of Pythagoras, Galileo and Archimedes are some of the characters presented in cartoon form in Everyday Maths 3 and this lends a stimulating element to problem solving.

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