Essential Phonics

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Author(s) : Milanda Reynolds
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The Essential Phonics series is designed to bring students at risk up to speed with their literacy and phonics skills. The activities aim to help children identify and distinguish the individual vowel sounds and their variants as well as the many combinations of vowel and consonant sounds that make up the English language.
containing a range of concrete worksheets and review sheets, the books can be used on their own with individual students or can be used to complement an existing literacy program. Additionally, the activities can be used with older students who need extra help with basic reading and spelling skills.

All books in the Essential Phonics series can be used by teachers, parents, and tutors and the sheets can be used in any order. Activities are outcome linked to relevant curriculum document


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This unique, comprehensive series weaves the theories of multiple intelligences, learning styles and multisensory learning into the fabric of teaching phonics.
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