Essential Dementia Care Handbook: A Good Practice Guide


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This new title replaces the successful Working with Dementia which has been a vital handbook for many years for all those working with this group of clients. This long awaited edition captures the essence of what has happened over the past decade in dementia care. It draws together many new ideas and practical approaches from a wide variety of professionals working at the leading edge of the provision of services to people with dementia.

It can be read in its entirety as a comprehensive account of current best practice, but the chapters are designed to stand alone. This essential handbook will replace Working with Dementia as the pocket ‘bible’ for all care staff.

Beginning with the diagnosis of dementia and other problems associated with ageing, this book considers assessment, the person-centred model of dementia, rehabilitation and therapy.

The contributors draw on their considerable and varied experiences to outline practical interventions, illustrating their ideas by case studies which provide a stimulating insight into contemporary understanding and practice.

Contents include:

  • Dementia: causes & neuropsychology
  • Cognitive & behavioural assessment
  • Person-centred approaches to understanding
  • Memory clinics
  • Activity, occupation & stimulation
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Depression & distress
  • Therapeutic relationships
  • Medication
  • Carers & caring

Suggested Readership:

  • Nursing staff
  • Occupational therapists
  • Residential care workers
  • Social workers
  • and all those in day-to-day contact with elderly people

Contributors: Pam Enderby, Fiona Goudie, Una Holden-Cosgrove, Carolien Lamers, Ian Morton, Tessa Perrin, Marie Claire Shankland, Graham Stokes & John Wattis.

[ISBN: 9780863882449; 240 pages]

[Edited by Graham Stokes & Fiona Goudie; Age Suitability: Elderly Care]

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