ISBN: 9781760563295

Writing Essentials


ISBN: 9781760563295
Author(s) : Dianne Bates
SKU: 9781760563295


A Teacher’s Guide to Grammar, Punctuation and Word Usage

Great writers aren’t born, they’re taught! Unfortunately, the rules of written English can be difficult enough to remember, let alone teach. If you struggle to separate pronouns from prepositions, or are often left wondering whether to use “who” or “whom”, Australian author Dianne Bates comes to your aid with Writing Essentials, a welcome reference for teachers and aspiring authors.

This handy guide offers concise explanations on the basics of grammar, punctuation and word usage, while also introducing fundamental techniques to help broaden your vocabulary and bring your writing to life.

Packed with plenty of exercises to test yourself and your students, Writing Essentials provides all the support you’ll need to hone your own writing skills and pass on your knowledge to budding writers!

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