ISBN: 9780863887987

Vocabulary Enrichment Programme


ISBN: 9780863887987
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This book helps to enhance the understanding and use of vocabulary in secondary school students and young adults. Specifically designed for older children and young adults with language and communication needs, this practical language programme was created by a specialist speech & language therapist with input from secondary school teachers and students.

The Vocabulary Enrichments Programme:

  • focuses on enhancing the understanding and expression of vocabulary and word meanings in students aged from 8 to 18
  • aims to create an awareness of how improved vocabulary knowledge can be used to enhance learning in school and social interactions in school and home environments
  • encourages an awareness and interest in words and language, introduces the concept of words and meanings and identifies their role and use in language, communication and social interaction
  • introduces the word map and explore the rich networks of information attached to each word, including the meanings and make up of words using root and base words, suffixes and prefixes, synonyms and antonyms, and the etymology (origins) of words
  • focuses on themes taken from the National Curriculum, including living and non living organisms, planet Earth and the world, the human body, emotions, healthy living, and occupations
  • enhances the understanding and use of figurative and idiomatic language as well as more compound and complex sentence structures
  • introduces a range of cueing techniques to aid in word retrieval.

This book provide effective strategies for word learning to encourage independent word learning skills. It teaches an effective, efficient and realistic use of the dictionary as a tool for word learning and explore the role of the thesaurus in enhancing oral and written work.

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