ISBN: 9781869683221

Teaching Speaking & Listening


ISBN: 9781869683221
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Teaching Speaking and Listening: Fables and Traditional Stories uses the context of re-told fables and traditional stories from many cultures to support the teaching of speaking and listening skills to middle primary students.

The resource is divided into two units – Fables & Traditional Stories.

In the Fables unit, students focus on speaking skills (expression, volume and speed).

Fables include:

The Fox and the Lion
The Hare and the Tortoise
The North Wind and the Sun
The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
The Lion and the Hare

In the Traditional Stories unit students focus on listening skills (to recall and respond to information).

Traditional stories include:

Rata’s Canoe
The Turtle’s Shell
The Nephew of the Moon
King Midas
The Hen and the Hawk

The units can be used with the whole class being guided through one activity at a time or students may be grouped. The stories are illustrated and come with activity sheets designed to be enlarged to A3 size and pinned on classroom walls. Templates for sequencing activities, story borders, and evaluation sheets are also included, as are teacher-observation sheets that detail the specific skills to be observed.

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