ISBN: 9781927143131

Make Poetry Come Alive!


These books are packed with well-crafted, engaging poems to entice young children into writing poetry.

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ISBN: 9781927143131
Author(s) : Wendy Clarke
SKU: Make Poetry Come Alive!


Using poetry to enhance young Children’s Writing Skills

Here is the poetic inspiration you’ve been looking for. Written by a creative writing teacher, these The books in this series:

  • Provide poems and poetic forms that young children can emulate
  • Are designed to capture children’s creativity
  • Give guidance on creating an effective poetry programme
  • Offer many example poems and engaging worksheets
  • Contain ideas on cross-curricular use of poetry.

Make Poetry Come Alive! is a two-book series written in response to a need for poems that junior children can use as models for their own writing.

This first book caters for five- to six-year-olds; the second for seven- to eight-year-olds.

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